Wolverhampton Wanderers about to write e Sport history

The Wolverhampton Wanderers are about to write eSports history. The Premier League club will be the first club to enter a professional championship with its Rocket League team.


With this, the Wolves are expanding their already wide range of eSports. The club is already present in the Games Player Unknown's Battlefields (PUGB), Identity V, FIFA 21, FIFA Online 4 and Pop Kart Racing. In the future, a team of the Wolves will also compete in the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS).




The team will consist of 3 team members. The captain of the team will be Tix Ronday. He comes to the Wolves from Libertas. Tix will be supported by Luis Puente Pene, who joins the team from Team Edelweiss and Ole Van Doorn, a signing from Barrage. Wolves CEO Russel Jones is delighted with the club's new eSport team and hopes to succeed with the young and ambitious players. The club has been scouting the newcomers closely for the last six months.