Credit: Henry FIFEIRO

Your face in the Pro Clubs! Henry from Brazil makes it possible!

For every Pro Clubs player, one question is critical. How do I set up my Virtual Pro!


Some Pro Clubs fans keep it simple and design their virtual kicker rather inconspicuous. Others prefer fancy hairstyles. In Pro Clubs, not only is everyone the same on the pitch, but everyone can build their look on the virtual pitch according to their ideas. There are almost no limits to your imagination! Dear Pro Club fan, today we from would like to introduce you to something extraordinary.


Your Virtual Pro can soon look just like you!


This is made possible by Henry FiFeiro from Brazil. Since 2019 the enthusiastic FIFA fan has been designing Pro Club faces for fans of the special FIFA mode worldwide.


All Henry needs is a photo of your face!


The idea came to Henry while gaming together with friends. Today, the Brazilian creates individual Pro Clubs avatars all over the world. His customers appreciate the high recognition value of their faces in the created pros.


For $5, Pro Clubs fans can have Henry create an avatar for them. Do you also want to have your Pro designed by Henry? Then all you have to do is send a picture of yourself to Henry via Facebook PN. Hier geht es zu Henrys Facebook Seite. Henry will then send you a YouTube link with instructions on how to create your very own Pro Clubs Pro.


You can find Henry's Facebook account here:


Feel free to check out Henry's YouTube as well:




Here are more examples of Henry's work: