Weak results at the first ProLeague Matchday for the Elite Bombers

xAbidalx goali is not enough for a point

Despite an appealing performance, the elite bombers do not succeed in starting the new ProLeague season successfully. Especially the necessary calmness in front of the goal prevented a better start into the season.


In the first game against the Football Soldiers, the Elite Bombers had to take a 1:2 defeat. Despite an early red card for the Football Soldiers, the Elite Bombers could not win the game. In the 29th minute, ronny-1983hi got send of the virtual pitch due to a red card. The Elite Bombers could not use the following superiority and had to accept two goals against. Although xAbidalx could score for the elite bombers in the 72 minutes of the game, the team couldn't score the equaliser.

One good half is not enough

Also, in the second game, the Elite Bombers could not collect any points. Against the Equality 05 Esport, the team could convince in the first half of the game. But the superiority at the beginning of the game could not be converted into goals.


This should take revenge at the end of the game. In the final quarter of the game, the Equalit 05 team found a better way into the game. The Equalit 05 team was able to convert this superiority directly into goals. So, it came that the elite bombers had to accept two late goals and lose the game with 2:0.