Was InPanic trying to cheat his way up?

The Pro Clubs teams Ghetto Boyz and InPanic are not going to be friends anymore. We've already told you about the controversy surrounding InPanic's appeal. The Ghetto Boyz had a player on the roster who was not on the eligibility list. While other teams looked past the Boyz' faux pas, InPanic took the points at the green table.

Now the Ghetto Boyz have added to their tally against what they see as an unfair rival. And insinuate that InPanic wanted a point gifted to them in the season finale of the last series.

"Another reason why we were very surprised by the arrogant reaction on the part of InPanic was that in the past situation they asked us if we would not agree to a draw in a match that was co-decisive for their promotion. This would have demonstrably led to their promotion. Here players of our team even received messages during the game," the Ghetto Boyz wrote on their Facebook page.

A harsh accusation. Unfortunately, InPanic officials were not available for comment.

The comments from the pro clubs community under the Facebook post, were scathing. For example, some commenters demanded that the players should rather find a new club. And many were surprised that InPanic creator Silvio "Shiprimcoulibaly" Buehler, who himself has been active as a league director, would go such lengths to cheat promotion.

By the way, the Ghetto Boyz rejected the offer of InPanic and chose the sportive fair way.

The following Facebook chat was published by the Ghetto Boyz: