Credit: SC Edermünde

Vivi from SC Edermünde: What I like about the Pro Clubs is that women are regarded as full members.

Pro Clubs is for everyone. No matter if you are a man or a woman! This was also shown by the Pro Club EU Masters, which we organised during the ISPO Munich. Vivi, the goalkeeper of SC Edermünde, lets the opponents' striker despair. We talked to the goalkeeper of SC Edermünde! You can find out how she came to Pro Clubs and what she likes so much about the special FIFA mode.


Hello Vivi. You play in the Pro Clubs as a goalkeeper. What appeals to you about this position?


I'm attracted to this position because I always have to give 100% and keep the team's goal clean.


How do you train the Pro Clubs goalkeeping game?


I train with my boys of the SC Edermünde NextGen 3 times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday. Otherwise, there's a fun session where you try out new things like size and weight.


How satisfied are you with your performance at the FIFA EU Pro Clubs Masters?


All in all, we are satisfied with our performance at the Pro Club Masters. We were able to defeat a powerful opponent in the 2nd round, Rot-Weiß Ahlen, and we demanded everything from the semi-finalists and showed a good performance overall.


What are the strengths of your team?


The strengths of the team are that there is cohesion whether we lose or win. Even if someone has a bad day, you are built up. The team spirit is essential to us.


When did you start to play FIFA Pro Clubs?


I started in 2019 rather by chance. Marco, my husband, who plays in the first Pro Club team at SC Edermünde, said our NextGen team (at that time still 2nd team) is looking for a goalkeeper and whether I would like to test there. So I came to the Pro Club.


It is rather untypical for young women to be active in FIFA Pro Clubs. What excited you about the mode?


I was thrilled that as a woman, you are considered a full member as it is often said that football is a male sport.


Do you also play football actively, or did you play football actively in the past?


No, I don't play active football.


How did you find out about the Pro Clubs mode?


I became aware of it through my husband, Marco.


Why is the eSport, and especially the FIFA Pro Clubs mode, still so dominated by men?


Because football is still seen as a male sport, I think it scares many women to join a team full of men in the virtual realm and assert themselves there and be recognised and respected.


What needs to be done to make the Pro Clubs mode more attractive for women?


I think the mode is well designed, but the women just don't dare to play it.