Credit: S5 Elite Bomber via Facebook

Title-Update 6.1 fixes Pro Club Bug

On December 2nd EA Sports released an extension of the sixth title update. The focus was also on the Pro Club mode.


One week after the new update was released for the PC, it is now also available for Xbox and PlayStation gamers. 2.6 Gigabyte of storage space is required on your console. A long-gone bug in the ProClub mode is celebrating an unpleasant comeback.


So EA had to react and involuntarily release the title update 6.1, which is already available for PC gamers. Significantly spontaneous games are affected. The position of the players could change unintentionally when the captain changes the game plan. ProClub gamers suddenly found their avatar in an unwanted position.


Hopefully, this error will not bother ProClub gamers any further. A date when the update will be available for Xbox and PlayStation is not yet known. However, it is assumed that it will be adopted soon, as this is a small patch.