Credit: FSV Stadeln

Timo from FSV Stadeln: In Pro Club, you only depend on the person next to you, not the computer. Just like in real football!

Pro Club is also attractive for amateur sports clubs! One example of this is FSV Stadeln. The club from Franconia does not only play 11 vs. 11 on the real pitch. The club is also active on the virtual pitch in 11 vs. 11. We talked to Timo, the department manager of the club, about the Pro Club Team of the club. Find out what excites Timo and his team about the mode here.


Hi Timo, you are the head of the eFootball department at FSV Stadeln. Can you briefly introduce yourself and your team?


Hello, I am Timo, 30 years old and live in Fürth. I play FIFA Pro Clubs for more than 5 years now.


For 2 years I am the manager of the Pro Club team. I have a functional team around me, which consists of a sports director, a trainer and co-trainer, as well as a scout.


Important in our functional team is the continuity, which you can see in our sports director Pro Club and co-trainer. Because Benjamin and Luca are at my side since the 1st hour, which leads to the fact that my work is enormously facilitated.


What motivated you at FSV Stadeln to create a Pro Clubs team?


The Pro Club Team already existed before the time of eFootball at FSV Stadeln. We changed as a complete team from FSV Union Fürstenwalde to FSV Stadeln.


The Pro Club Team has found a club in Stadeln, which, just like us, relies on a family environment. This circumstance has made the change easier for us and we are happy and proud to represent the FSV Stadeln in the Pro Club mode.


What are your goals with your Pro Club Team on the virtual pitch?


Of course, we set goals, but it is important for us not to try to reach them with all our might, but to focus on continuity and to work together. We want to build a team that will achieve its goals in the medium to long term.


We already have a solid core in the team, which has been with the club for some time. Now we need to expand this core with high-quality players who not only have the necessary skills on the controller but can also integrate into the team.


Pro Clubs lives above all from the team feeling. Like in a football team in a real game, the atmosphere in the team is therefore also important. Do you also pursue goals with your Pro Clubs team where the controller is not really an issue?


The development of eFootball, respectively eSport teams shows that regionality is not only important in real football, but also on the console. We have also taken it upon ourselves to build something regionally for the Pro Club, but the concept for the implementation is still in development because we do not only want to act on the console as a team but also outside sporting activities should be installed.


What excites you about the Pro Clubs mode?


FIFA was always a single-player game. In the past you played against the computer, then you played against friends side by side and a few years later online against players from all over the world. The Pro Club mode brings exactly what you expect from eSports.


No single players supported by computer-controlled teammates, but individuality in every single game situation. You play with 11 players against other 11 real players, which means you have 22 individuals on the field who have different skills and bring them to the court with their own pro. In Pro Club, you don't not dependent on the computer, but like in real football on your teammate.


In which leagues are you currently represented?


We are active in the NGL Premiership, ProLeague 2, European Premier by ProLeague, and from next season the VPG DE.


The Pro Clubs mode is still overshadowed by the FUT mode. What do you think needs to happen to give Pro Clubs more recognition?


I think that the development of the mode depends a lot on the publisher EA Sports. Only when EA pays more attention to the mode, associations like the DFB or the DFL will recognize the potential of the mode.


In addition, there is the attitude of the players of each team in the community. Because we as players in this great mode, need to see it not just as a hobby, but rather as an extension of real football. Certain professionalism needs to develop, not only from the players but also from each of the club officials.


A special part of the Pro Club is that men and women can play football together in one team. How does that look like with you, do you have women in the team?


Yes, we currently have 2 women in our team. Vanessa for example, like Benjamin and Luca, has been on the team for 2 years and is an integral part of the aforementioned core of the team.


In the Pro Clubs you can only be as successful as a team. Therefore, training with the team is an important part of the Pro Clubs scene. Can you give us a short insight into your daily training routine?


Basically, the coaches develop tactics in the different formations, which of course depend on the players in the squad, as well as taking into account the skills of the players.


Finally, can you tell us where the strengths of your team lie?


Our team has never been one of the strongest in the German Pro Club scene. However, our team is simply the cohesion, the common push, even if sometimes not everything works out what one has planned. We never bury our heads in the sand, but always try to pull ourselves out of difficult situations together.