Credit: Pro League

This is how you participate in the 23rd ProLeagues season!

You want to participate in the 23rd edition of the Pro League with your PC Pro Clubs team. Then you can register until 26. 02.2021 at 15 o'clock. To register for participation in the Pro League, you have to follow the instructions explained here.


When registering, you have to provide the following data:


- Name of the club

- Contact person of the club

- Club Logo

- Date of foundation:

- Teamspeak Address

Squad list (if the team is already available on the site, the team page's a link instead).


Additionally, the Pro League makers have some tips on how to increase your chance to participate in the league.


1. always keep your squad up to date

2. participate in the official tournaments of the ProLeague (e.g. Hall of Fame Challenge)

3. show activity at spontaneous tournaments

4. 11 players in the squad

5. participate in the Ladder


Except for the first point, these are just tips to increase your chances of admission.