The Great Streaming Show - Program Schedule

On Saturday night the "Pro Clubs EU Masters 2021" Twitch TV show will take place.
We will introduce you to the world of Pro Clubs for four hours. Join us as the Pro Clubs EU Masters 2021 matches are drawn and watch the conference call of tonight's matches live.

This is the program schedule:

19:00 Start of the show

19:30 Draw

19:55 Why is a health insurance company involved in eSports?

20:05 What is

20:10 How and why eSports players can keep fit!

20:20 What the S5 Elite Bombers are up to

20:30 Round 1

20:55 How is the Pro Clubs scene in Germany?

21:15 Sixteen finals

21:40 hrs eSports and sports simulations at ISPO

22:00 Round of sixteen

22:30 Interviews with 2 team captains

22:45 Quarter finals

23:15 End