Credit: S5 Elite Bomber via Facebook

Successful start to the season for the S5Elite Bombers

Draw in the first game

At the start of the season, the S5Elite Bombers can convince. So, it comes to a draw and an unchallenged victory against Smoke City in the Europa League. The first of the two games ended in a 1:1 draw. Both goals of the match were scored in the first half of the game.


The Smoke Citys side takes an early lead in the game. A deflected shot gives the team a 1-0 lead. But it should not be long before the elite bombers strike back. In the 31. minute of the game Domi_11x scores the equaliser. The assist was given by xAbidalx.


In the second half of the game, the S5Elite Bombers take over more and more. So Smoke City hardly ever gets too offensive actions. However, the S5Elite Bombers also lack the necessary force in the offensive. So, the first of the two games end with a 1:1 draw.

Outstanding performance from AGGROHULK in the second game

The ambitious goals of the S5Elite Bombers could be implemented on the pitch. So the team succeeded in a 3:0 victory.


Especially in the first half of the game, the S5Elite Bombers were the strong team. The experience from the first game helped the team to improve the pressing. With goals from AGGROHULK in the 25 minutes and Domi_11x in the 29 minutes of play, a reassuring 2:0 half-time lead was achieved.


AGGROHULK set the final point in the game in the 90th minute with the 3-0. The S5Elite Bomber gamer crowned its outstanding performance with a second goal.