S5 Elite Bomber has beaten the league leader

On the 11th matchday, S5 Elite Bomber has played against Team Geist. Unluckily, the Bomber has lost a goal in the first half. But immediately after the break, EB_g-khan gave an excellent pass to FatihPappy1903 and then FatihPappy1903 just put the ball into the goal. There was no goal until the end, but still, S5 Elite Bomber got an important point. The MVP was EB_g-khan, who made a fantastic pass.

Final result: 1:1 (0:1) vs Team Geist

On the 12th matchday of the Proleague, S5 Elite Bomber met the leader InPanic. In the first half, both teams didn't score a goal. But after the break, the situation changed. EB_AGGROHULK scored the first goal for the Bomber right after the second half whistle with a pass from ABBAZ_313. After 10 minutes of the first goal, EB_AGGROHULK conceded his second goal in this match. ABBAZ_313 (61') and EB_Daniel (69') also helped with the next goal to beat the leader. Final score:

4:0 (0:0) vs InPanic

The first cup round has also taken place. S5 Elite Bomber played against The Insurance Goal in the first round. The Bomber wanted to bring a good mood into the game, but the wish was not fulfilled. In the first half, the Bomber has already lost two goals. This result remained so until the end.

Final result: 0:2 (0:2)