S5 Elite Bomber face league leader FC Carl Zeiss Jena in the VPG Germany

On the 9th and 10th matchday of the VPG Germany, the S5 Elite Bombers had to play against FC Carl Zeis Jena e-Sports and Legend Soccer C.F.


In the first match, the league leader from Jena was waiting for the S5 Elite Bombers. For a long time, the team was able to keep up well against the league leaders from Jena. But shortly before half-time, the top team scored twice. A beautiful combination gives the players from Jena the opportunity to put their striker Sestak999 in a good shooting position. He didn't take long and scored to make it 1-0. One minute later, it should get even worse for the S5 Elite Bombers. After the kick-off, Jena's team won the ball again and quickly drove the virtual game device forward. Once again, they remain ice-cold in front of the goal and score 2-0.


So the S5 Elite Bombers have to go into half-time with a two-goal deficit. But things were hard to get any better in the second half. The S5 Elite Bombers can hardly develop any offensive actions. And in the 68th minute, after an unfortunate foul by EB_Daniel in the penalty area, Jena had an excellent opportunity to make it 3-0. Sestak999 does not miss the chance and converts a dry shot into the lower right corner.


In the direct counterattack, however, hope comes back for the S5 Elite Bombers. EB_g-khan crosses accurately to EB_AGGROHULK. The striker can get his virtual head on the ball and scored to make it 3-1. Carl Zeiss Jena has the crossbar and its keeper to thank that it does not get exciting again. In the 78th minute, Fatih Pappy1903 only hits the crossbar. Shortly before the end of the game, he fails to score against the FC Carl Zeiss Jena goalkeeper.


Despite a good performance, the S5 Elite Bombers went into the second game against Legend Soccer C.F. with a defeat. Already in the 6th minute of the game, Legend Soccer C.F. had the first ample scoring opportunity. S5 Elite Bomber goalkeeper, THE REVENANT, reacted brilliantly and was able to prevent the early deficit. In the 25th minute of the game, however, he is powerless. With two quick passes, the Legend Soccer Gamers put their striker in a good shooting position. The striker took advantage of the opportunity and scored 1-0. This was the score at half-time.


But in the second half, things happen very quickly. Shortly after the restart, the S5 Elite Bombers were already 2-0 down. Then came the best phase of the S5 Elite Bombers. First, EB_AGGROHULK takes a shot from a distance, which he misses clearly. In the 50th minute of the game, however, the ball was in the goal of Legend Soccer C.F. EB_AGGROHULK had scored an impressive goal after a cross from EB_NERO. But the virtual referee had something against the goal and took it back because of offside.


The Legend Soccer players, on the other hand, showed themselves to be ice-cold in the offensive and scored in the 62nd minute of the game to make it 3-0. Shortly afterwards, EB_AGGROHULK had another opportunity to achieve a goal for the S5 Elite Bombers. First, EB_AGGROHULK failed to score against the opponent's goalkeeper, and then a defender shot the shot off the line. The missed chances were promptly avenged. In return, the Legend Soccer Gamers promptly increased the score to 4-0, which also meant the final score in an unfortunate game for the S5 Elite Bombers.


Watch both games in the re-live