Credit: Marc Keil

Rap by Eminem as style model for eSports commentator

When he sits in front of the mic, he's in a frenzy. Then the voice rolls over without losing clarity. You can feel the passion. The energy. Whether in German or English. Then Marc Keil is in his element - as an eSports commentator.

Marc, a native of Stuttgart, is 28 years old and streams almost daily on Facebook and Twitch on various eSports titles. Sim-Racing, i.e. the simulation of car races, and the FIFA Pro Clubs area are his favourite. At FC Bamberg eSports, for example, you can meet him regularly at the microphone. Or at the eSports department of Rot-Weiß Ahlen and the Pro Clubs team of the S5 Elite Bombers. Pro Clubs? That's the game variant of FIFA EA Sports, where eleven players compete against other eleven players. It's football like in real life, only digital. Marc is enthusiastic about this mode: "I love football and played it myself until I was 14. Then my knee was broken. In the meantime, it's only enough for the occasional company sport. On the console, I could continue normally and then started with friends with Pro Clubs. Those 90 minutes that translate into twelve minutes are incredibly fast. There's more pressure, you have to set up and move tactically."

The eSports is an opportunity to try out

So eSports was a chance for Marc to continue his sport differently. And on top of that, eSports also offered the opportunity to try his hand as a commentator. "You couldn't do that in real football. There, people are usually hired who studied journalism and then did further training to become a commentator. But to be honest, I had no desire to study after school," reports the trained car salesman, who "works" at Daimler in Stuttgart, frankly. The dream of commentating 90 minutes of a real football match one day is still in the back of the VfB Stuttgart fan's mind. "Of course, that would be great. During a game at the Pro Clubs, you can hardly catch your breath. That's different in regular football. However, it's also a challenge not to bore the audience for an hour and a half and not to say some nonsense" Frank Buschmann does it well from Marc's point of view, Belá Rethy is also a role model. "Marcel Reiff rather less," Marc tells of the greats of the scene. He is very aware of his role as a caster in eFootball: "It is through us, who stream and commentate on the games, that the fans in the first place can experience digital football."

First suppressed, then used as a trademark

And the experience hardly differs from the real football experience on TV. Marc recently proved this when he commented on the first FIFA Pro Clubs EU Masters final 2021. The international tournament had 35 teams competing. In the final, FC ISNHGN and the favourite Widzew Lodz faced each other. Until the 65th minute, Lodz was leading 1:0, but what happened afterwards was pure football emotion. First, ISNHGN equalised, then in the 93rd minute, the German team scored the winning goal and crowned themselves tournament winners - right in the middle: Marc and his machine-gun-like commentary. The speed of his commentary is no coincidence. "I love rap by Eminem and often just went along with his songs. When commentating, I initially tried to suppress that rhythm. Until I was approached about it, and it was pointed out that it's even a trademark and makes the commentary more lively for viewers." During his time as a sim racing commentator, he was discovered and encouraged by Manuel Wendel. "I was a driver, and at some point, Manuel was looking for a co-commentator. I thought about it for a moment, then joined in, and finally, I sat at the microphone permanently," describes Marc, who still lives in Stuttgart with his girlfriend Lisa and their little cat.

eSports commentator is not a job you can currently make a living from

eSports commentator, or caster as it's called, it's not a profession you can currently make a living from. "It's more of a hobby. The scene as a whole still lacks attention and professionalism. That's why the step with the Pro Clubs to the international sports fair ISPO was quite important. So that eSports and eFootball as a whole gets more acceptance," explains the former central defender, who incidentally has only scored two goals in his entire career (clubs: TSF Ditzingen, SV Pattonville). A header goal and a free-kick goal. And that was an extraordinary one: "That was against my cousin, who was in goal for the opponent. I wanted to score that one..."

English language skills through wrestling and basketball broadcasts.

Marc is a passionate sports fan. As a child, he went with his father to the VfB, as a teenager, he then regularly watched wrestling and basketball - in English. Hence his ability to use the English language almost without an accent while commentating. Marc is always fascinated by the power that sport and its protagonists can exert on a viewer: "Just by watching and by the experience that is offered to you, you can get new energy even in difficult phases of life", Marc knows from his own experience to report. And it is precisely this experience that he wants to offer his audience in every broadcast.

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