Credit: FC Rot- Weis Erfurt via Facebook

Quaresma Club becomes VM at Rot- Weis Erfurt eSport

The Pro Clubs team of FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt is pleased to announce the upcoming season's first new addition. Quaresma Club will work for the Pro Clubs department of the Thuringians in the future. Also, the newcomer will be active as the controller for the club. The club announced this today via Facebook.


In real life, Quaresma Club is called Mervan. He will stand with the number 72 on the virtual turf for his new club in the future. His primary position is central midfield.


On the Facebook page of Rot-Weis Erfurt, the fans were happy about the new arrival and celebrated Mervan as a real transfer coup and optimal occupation for the VM's position at the club.