ProClubs @ISPO Munich

At ISPO Munich 2021, which took place completely digitally this year, the Pro Clubs mode was also a topic.

Marcus Meyer, from Force of disruption, one of the organizers of the FIFA ProClubs EU Masters 2021, explained what eSports actually is to the professional audience in the ISPO public streams.

Together with Patrick Baur from, he reported on the topic of FIFA Pro Clubs.

Besides Pro Clubs, the live appearance during the world's largest sports fair also covered eSailing and other sports simulations.

Football. Real. Digital.

Pro Clubs is a game mode of the popular FIFA series by EA Sports. However, not every player controls all characters on the field, but only his own avatar. So that in the ideal case 11 players against 11 other human players play digital football.

International Pro Clubs Tournament

As part of the ISPO Munich, organized an international Pro Clubs tournament. In addition to numerous teams from Germany, teams from Portugal, Spain and Poland were also at the start.

Especially the Polish teams presented themselves very strong. Three teams qualified for the quarter finals, two reached the semi finals and Widzew Lodz even played in the final. There they had to give up after a very good game with 2:1 FC Ishgn.

The ISPO Munich Public Stream: