Credit: Versus

Pro Clubs charity tournament raises over £2,000

Sport unites! Sport connects. Sport, trendy sport, fulfil an important social responsibility. But in times of the pandemic, charity tournaments in real football are not possible. But especially in these times, it is even more essential to support social projects. Especially through sport!


And if this is not possible in real football, then in the digital version. The Pro Clubs Mode in the FIFA Game! This is what happened in England. The community of the online soccer platform Versus recently organised the VERSUS Pro Clubs Champions! The Pro Clubs tournament goal was to raise money for an organisation that cares for mental health. Over 200 Pro Clubs fans took part in the tournament!


There were 28 fan teams from the Versus community active in the tournament. To raise awareness for this critical issue, several real-life football personalities also took part in the tournament. Leicester City's Hamza Choudury and young Arsenal star Tyreece John-Jules each captained a virtual pitch team. YouTube star Baiteze Squad also took part in the tournament.


The host also fielded a team in the form of FC VERSUS and even managed to make it to the tournament's final. But there was enough for the tournament team's team in a dramatic way, only for the second place. After 120 virtual minutes, it went with a 3 - 3 in the penalty shootout. There, the opponent, NOCAPPPP, showed better nerves and won the title.


But the host will be able to get over the unfortunate defeat in the final. Because in the foreground of the tournament was the fundraiser. Entry fees for the tournament and donations during the digital event raised £2,346, donated to the CALM organisation. This is to help people who are physically stricken.