Credit: MarcKeilCaster

Pro Club Expert Talk: We are planning something completely new within the ProClubs mode!

After the last match of the year of the S5 Elite Bombers, the streamer MarcKailCaster brought together a real expert panel about the FIFA Pro Clubs Mode. Guests were Viktor (one of the founders of the S5 Elite Bombers), Bernd Unger (Stage 5) and Patrick (doppelpass digital).

It was an exciting round that had a lot to tell about the ProClub mode in FIFA: here you can read the most important findings.



Viktor, what were the highlights of 2020 for the S5 Elite Bombers?


Viktor: Looking purely at the FIFA game, of course, we were all looking forward to FIFA 21. FIFA 20 was the worst FIFA we have ever played. There has been a lot of improvement in FIFA 21. Even if this was not that difficult. Especially in the ProClub mode, FIFA 21 is much more realistic than its predecessor.


If we look at ourselves as a team, I'm pleased about our strong team performance, like every year. We have a great team and have a lot of fun playing together.



What are your plans for the year 2021?


Viktor: In January, we celebrate our 6th birthday as S5 Elite Bomber. With the cooperation with Stage 5, we have made a big step forward. We have found a partner that thinks the same way as us. In 2021 we have many projects ahead of us. Especially with Patrick from, a big project is in the starting blocks. A lot of things are coming our way. So expect to hear a lot more from us in 2021.



In which status do you see the ProClubs scene currently?


Viktor: In my opinion, the ProClub scene is still in beginner status. We are always completely below what we are capable of. Anyone who has ever looked into ProClubs will notice that the mode is real football in eSports mode. 11 vs 11, different tactics or position changes are all components that are just as important in ProClubs as in real football. In ProClubs, it's not only about the individual class or how you adjust the players.



How do you see the future of the ProClubs mode?


Viktor: In Portugal, there were already the first real ProClubs events, where the players played live in front of spectators in a stadium. Of course, this is not possible because of the Corona crisis, but this shows that there is a lot of potential in the Pro Clubs mode. The mode is not only about pure skill at the controller. Tactical understanding and discipline also play a role here. Some players are insanely strong in ProClub mode but lose every single match. By the way, I'm one of them :-)


I think it's a pity that EA neglects this mode. Sure, we have many more people on the team, which is a significant cost increase for the teams in prize money and salary. But if you communicate the right emotions of the ProClub mode, the fan gets an entirely different feeling than when he watches a one vs one or the FUT mode.

Bernd, how do you see the current situation in the Pro Clubs mode, and how much potential do you think the mode has?


Bernd: I can only agree with Viktor. I hardly know anyone who knows the ProClub mode as well as Viktor. Soon, we will surely draw one or the other profit from it.


I believe that if you run ProClubs seriously, you can make a difference. There are terrific approaches in this mode. I think it's excellent how professional the guys from Equality 05 present their tournament. That is also a reason for me not to drop the ProClub mode. To be honest, as an eSports organisation, you have to ask yourself why you should enter the ProClub mode. Where can you get an advantage out of it? But we at Stage 5 see it the same way as Viktor. ProClub is the real football in eSports. I find it merely nicer than the FUT mode or one vs one game as a football romantic.


As to what else is possible in Pro Club, I'd like to hand the floor directly to Patrick. Patrick is the co-founder of a company in Solingen. And we from Stage 5 and the S5 Elite Bombers are planning something completely new in the ProClub mode and Patrick.

Patrick: I think what Viktor and also Bernd just said is something significant. For us, the ProClubs Mode is something where the digital transformation of football takes place. The 11 friends principle, which Viktor mentioned initially, you see very much in the ProClubs mode. We asked ourselves the question: How can we harness that?


I am one of the co-founders of We have a core product that is called "Dein Club". "Dein Club" is German and means Your Club. It is about fans becoming managers of a real club. The whole model comes from real football. When we asked ourselves if there is enough potential for this in eSports, we came up with the topic of ProClubs. Thanks to our connections to the city of Solingen, we got to know the S5 Elite Bombers.


We now launched the esport-manager. What exactly that means and what role the S5 Elite Bombers play in it, we will tell you in the near future. But we can say this much today that the fans will get the chance to get close to the team.



Marc: For me, the ProClub mode problem is that there are two sides in the ProClubs community. On the one hand, the guys who run the enormously professional like the S5 Elite Bombers. Unfortunately, some do not understand the potential in this scene, also because of their young age.


Patrick: You are right. But even if you look at classic football, you see that the clubs there haven't understood that yet either. However, the entire analogue sport has not understood that you can create a transformation from analogue to digital football club via ProClubs very quickly. I see it as a task to carry this out into the world and promote this message.


Marc: I still see a long way to go before the broad mass of fans see it that way! That's why these projects, like you are doing, have to be implemented in the end to be able to take the next step.


Bernd: I am thrilled that we found each other. I only see two different ProClub modes with the same willingness and passion as the S5 Elite Bombers. I don't want to give too much away now, but these guys will be ceding many of their skills to the community in the future. I hope this is embraced and the organisation realises that this is an opportunity and not a ridiculous attempt. Stage 5 certainly have more good eSports titles on our books than ProClubs mode, but we've kept this up because we're football fans. Many on the semi-professional side don't believe in the idea. I, on the other hand, believe in it. The contact with Patrick encouraged me to do the whole thing. The entire ProClubs community can be excited and look forward to hearing a lot more from Patrick and his team.