Only 10 Gamers in the second half but the S5 Elite Bombers still manage to win

On the 9th matchday of the ProLeague, the S5 Elite Bombers meet "Die Physiker - Pro Club. A challenging task. Die Physiker are the only German team that made it to the semi-finals of "The iFVPA Europa League".


But the S5 Elite Bombers did not let themselves be put off by the difficulty of the task. Especially in the first half, the S5 Elite Bombers were at their best. So, it was EB_AGGROHULK who scored 1-0 in the 21st minute.


In the 44th minute, however, the S5 Elite Bombers suffered a severe setback. Marvin86_X2 is sent off with a straight red card. But the team is not shocked for long. Already in the 45th minute, FatihPappy1903 scores 2-0 after a perfect counter-attack.


This gives the S5 Elite Bombers a second goal lead to half time. But also, they have to manage to play the second half with one player less. Due to the surplus of personnel, there are more offensive actions for “Die Physiker” in the second half. However, they were unable to score more than once. In the end, the S5 Elite Bombers won 2-1, despite being outnumbered for a long time.