Credit: S5 Elite Bomber via Facebook

Not a successful day for the S5 Elite Bombers!

On Sunday, the S5 Elite Bombers had to compete in a double match day as part of the ProLeague. They had to play first against FIDE-eSports and then against the Pro Club team of SV Babelsberg 03 EFootball.


The first game against FIDE-eSports was open for a long time. Two well-balanced Pro Club teams fought a thrilling, balanced duel, which the S5 Elite Bombers, unfortunately, lost 0-1. In the 70 minute FIDE scored the goal of the day from a too acute angle. The S5 Elite Bombers could not find an answer to this in the game's further course, and it remained with the narrow, low line.


The match against SV Babelsberg 03 EFootball, on the other hand, was not close at all. Due to poor team performance, the S5 Elite Bombers lost 0:5. The Babelsberg team dominated the entire game, leaving the S5 Elite Bombers no chance to shape the game. For the S5 Elite, it is now up to the dS5 Elite to analyse the unhappy evening and learn the two games' lessons.