Joining forces and achieving goals together!

Something is happening in the Pro Clubs scene in Germany. and are joining forces and joining forces to realize common visions.

"Football is the most beautiful secondary matter in the world" is a well-known phrase. Football is something that has inspired millions of people in Germany for decades. In the stadiums and on the sports fields of our nation - or even in front of the television. Currently, however, classic football is out of reach for many fans. Due to the pandemic, many viewers only watch what happens in the big football world from their sofa at home - or they just don't watch any more and go about other routines at the weekend.

Eleven against eleven on the virtual pitch - football. Real. Digital.

In the shadow of this development, an interesting scene has been developing for some years. The scene of digital footballers who, week after week, immerse themselves in the role of the digital avatar in 11 vs. 11 mode on the console or PC. Football - truly digital! The teams that are on the road in this mode have to answer similar questions for themselves, match day after match day, as teams do in the analogue game: How do we get our squad full? What formation do we play? What tactics do we use? Who plays? Who has to watch? How often do we train and in which frame between the games?

What is currently still missing are the fans who follow the game and bring the topic of "digital football" out of its niche with their presence and their passion. "And this is exactly where we will start in our cooperation in the future. The fan who likes to watch football, who celebrates heroes, but who can also help shape and have a say in the game, is our focus," explains Patrick Baur of, the platform for digital fan engagement. The Solingen-based startup has now announced that it will join forces with ProLeague to jointly develop a vision for the future of digital football.

The next steps in digital football - with fans

"For us, this merger makes absolute sense - because so far we have put a lot of heart and passion into giving the active players and the teams a framework in which they can compete," describes Marcel Fitzek, the brains behind ProLeague. The ProLeague is one of three relevant competitive leagues in which Pro Clubs can be played in Germany today. "Now we are taking the next step together and, in addition to further professionalisation, will focus on inspiring fans for the mode together with and making digital football socially acceptable."

Potential for classic football teams - or also for employee retention in companies

What's special about digital football is that it works tactically like classic football - but it's inclusive. This means that people of all ages, genders, physical handicaps and regionalities can play it together. It is also very fast and action-packed. And it's about teamwork, game analysis and understanding skills, as well as communication and discipline. Digital football thus offers incredible potential for classic football clubs, which become interesting for new target groups by founding a digital football team, but also for factory teams, for example, which want to drive team-building processes and improve their employer branding with digital football teams.

From the community for the community - help shape it!

ProLeague and now want to leverage this potential together - because sport unites! Patrick Baur and Marcel Fitzek will present exactly what this will look like to the existing community of all ProLeague teams on 14 April in a joint information evening. "It's important to us that we get all the existing teams on board and share our ideas and thoughts with them and get appropriate feedback here as well. If we want to inspire many people with digital football, it can only be done together. As many people as possible should want to join in," both partners agree.

Further information is available here:
At the open info evening, we communicate with each other via the ProLeague Discord server. This can be reached at the following address: So make a note: April 14, 2021, 7:00 pm.