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Florian from SV Meppen: ProClub is closer to real football than any other mode

Also today we can give you interesting insights into the world of the Pro Club. Today we have the coach of one of the most successful Pro Club teams in Germany as an interview partner. Florian is the coach of the Pro Club Team of SV Meppen. The champion of the NGL ProClub Premiership 2020. Interesting insights into the work of Florian during the training and game day can be found here.


Hi Florian, you are the coach of the ProClubs team of SV Meppen. Can you briefly introduce yourself and your team?


I am Florian Thiel, 37 years old, coach, player and head of the "ProClub" department at SV Meppen 1912 E-Sports. I have been playing ProClub almost since the beginning. At that time still in the FVPA, the biggest and most famous league in Germany at that time.


I coach the team together with my fellow coach Hannes Eggers and our "scout" Ruslan Lorenz.


Our team currently consists of 23 players, almost as many as a real club has.


What made you decide to create a Pro Clubs team?


That is not my merit, that was my predecessor Dennis Schnieders. He approached SV Meppen 1912 e.V. in 2016 and persuaded the club to get involved in e-sports.


What goals are you pursuing with your Pro Clubs team on the virtual pitch?


Under Schnieders we didn't really get far in 3 years. They were always stuck in the lowest league of the NGL (former FVPA).


When Hannes and I took over the team and added some famous players, we were able to advance 2x as champions.


Since 2019, we now also participate in the NGL ProClub Premiership and were able, after a season here to push the series champion FK Austria Vienna E-Sports from the throne and get the club championship / German champion.


Also in the current season, we are on a title course, as reigning champions, we are currently in the Grand Final of the NGL ProClub Premiership.


Pro Clubs lives above all from the team feeling. Just like in a football team in the real game, the atmosphere in the team is also important. Do you also pursue goals with your Pro Clubs team where the controller is not really an issue?


Yes, the team feeling plays a very big role! You can sign the best individual players, but you might not be able to form them into a unit, just like in real football.


Usually, we organize a team meeting in Meppen every year to show everyone the place where our club is active and to see each other face to face. Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment because of Corona.


Some well-known football clubs have already created a Pro Clubs team. Where do you see the advantage for clubs in the Pro Clubs compared to the 1v1 gaming area?


I don't think it's the right point to talk about an advantage. They are completely different modes. ProClub is closer to real football than any other mode, all players control a protagonist on the virtual green, everyone must adhere to the guidelines and tactics, here every cog must mesh.


In the "normal" FIFA mode there is already a Germany-wide league called VBL, where gamers compete against each other on behalf of professional clubs. Can you imagine something like that in Pro Clubs?


YES! And this kind or better said the beginning of this idea, has already made the NGL (National Gaming League), with the NGL ProClub Premiership.


Do you have any ideas how to get more clubs from real football to become part of the Pro Clubs scene in the future?


Just do it and don't close your eyes to it. Be open to the future of team-oriented gaming! Of course, such a project can also go wrong if you don't necessarily find the "right" people for it, but these are experiences that you have to and should make.


Now let's talk about your team. Can Pro Clubs fans become part of your team?


Generally yes, but not everyone who thinks he can play FIFA well can play it really well. The level, which some clubs have, is really high and there you can't throw FIFA ProClub starters in between. Most of the players in our team have been playing it for several years and at this level.


Nevertheless: Everybody can apply on Instagram or on the Facebook page of SV MEPPEN 1912 E-Sports.


Where are the strengths of your team?


Definitely in the cohesion and the unity! This team is a unit and everyone we integrate fits in perfectly. Of course, there are exceptions, but that's really the minority.


In terms of play, our strengths are probably the fast combination strength in attack and the compression in the defense.


You are the coach of your team. Can you give us an insight into the preparation and execution of training?


The pieces of training often look the same, there are short talks before the games about how the play and tactics should be carried out and finally a short debriefing.


Do you try to coach your players during a match?


Since I am usually in the game that is a definite YES. We tell them plays and instructions every now and then, and we also discuss any mistakes they might make in order to minimise them as the game progresses.


Can you imagine that one or the other professional of SV Meppen would also have what it takes to be a Pro Clubs player?


Yes, of course! There are some professional players of the SVM, who play FIFA and that quite successfully. That they play ProClub is, unfortunately, *still* rarely the case, but we are working on that as well.


Can you give our readers a tip about how their team can become more successful in ProClub?


Phew, I think you should actually start with the basics, play the games with 11 men continuously, for the time being, all players should stick to their positions. Then I would advise them to focus on their passing game because that's one of the important things in the beginning in ProClub.


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