FIFA ProClubs EU Masters 2021: Surprise final victory for FC ISHGN

FC ISHGN wins the FIFA ProClubs EU Masters 2021 with a 2-1 victory over Polish team Widzew Lodz. "An outstanding final! You couldn't have imagined it better for a tournament like this," cheered FC ISHGN's Nico Möhlenbruch.

Widzew Lodz played an outstanding first 70 minutes

In the first half Widzew Lodz was clearly the better team and was superior to FC ISHGN in all respects.

Like a swarm of bees, his Widzew defended his goal and attacked with lightning speed. Only at the end of the second half FC ISHGN managed to counter Widzew Lodz and to turn the game around and scored in the 69th and after a corner kick in the 93rd.
The surprising equalizer after two thirds of the game broke the dominance of the Poles and FC Isernhagen could celebrate a surprising victory.

Nico Möhlenbruch of FC ISHGN cheered in the live stream in an interview with the presenter duo Patrick Baur and Marc Keil: "This is a great feeling. That's what you do a competitive sport for!" Laughing, he added: "After the winning goal, the walls were shaking and our goalkeeper jumped against the edge of the bed."

The provider of the two winning goals tipped his virtual hat to the opposition who conceded the first goals in the final: "They didn't make it easy for us. Lodz played very well. We didn't let that impress us, because we really wanted to win the game."

The winner from Germany will be trained by a professional coach from the Gamers Academy over the next few weeks and 20 fans from FC ISHGN will enjoy lifetime accounts:

If you missed the finale, check out the stream of our final show! We streamed on,, on YouTube in our channel and at ISPO Munich.