Credit: S5 Elite Bomber via Facebook

A victory and a defeat on the 3rd matchday of VPG Germany for the S5Elite Bombers

Poor performance in the first game

In the first game, the elite bombers face Bollwerk - FIFA Pro Club. After an inferior performance, the S5Elite Bombers had to accept a 1:2 defeat here. The team of Bollwerk managed to take the lead already in the first half. Despite the goal of xAbidalx in the 62. minute, the Elite Bombers had to take a deserved 2:1 defeat.

Improvement in the second game

It should go better in the second game of the evening. Against the DBC eSports, the S5Elite Bombers could convince and win 2:1. Early in the game, EB_Guerreiro brought the team into the lead. After a beautiful assist by xAbidalx, EB_Guerreiro scored the lead by the head. But before the break, the team of DBC should strike back. A single action of a DBC player was supposed to bring the equaliser in the 38th minute. But the elite bombers could react successfully. In the 72nd minute, it was the outstanding xAbidalx who scored the 2-1 final score with a beautiful solo after Tane_van_M.