Credit: VPG Germany via Facebook

2 gamers of the S5 Elite Bomber represented in the TOTW of VPG Germany

Not only the FIFA Ultimate Team fans passionately wait for the announcement of the Team of the week every week but also do fans of the Pro Club Mode. Last week, gamers from two teams, in particular, we're able to convince. Besides the ProClub Team of FC Carl Zeiss Jena, which has four players in the team, the S5 Elite Bombers are also represented with two players in the TOTW.


The gamers of Carl Zeiss Jena could convince, especially in the offensive. With Sestak999 and Gottey28, two strikers are in the TOTW of the VPG Germany Liga 3A. With Kneddelbeck25 a further offensive player from Jena is in the elite team.


Of the S5 Elite Bombers, Marvin86_X2 and EB_Guerreiro have made it into the team of the week's best players. Marvin86_X2 plays in the central defence for the S5 Elite Bombers and could recommend himself for the team due to his excellent defensive work. EB_Guerreiro, on the other hand, revives the game of the S5 Elite Bombers in the offensive. The offensive wing player is already the second nomination into the top 11 in a row.


For the S5 Elite Bomber players, there will be another opportunity to recommend themselves for the next TOTW in the VPG Germany on Monday 07.12.2020. Within the next double match day's scope, the team will play against CF at 21.00 and Magnolia CF Bearliner at 21.30.