Credit: EA Sport

Would you stand a chance against Phil Foden's FUT team?

After Erling Haaland's FUT team was already published on Reddit, ManCity talent Phil Foden's team has now been published on the platform. An opponent of Foden recognized his turquoise special card with an OVR of 99. This pro player is reserved only for the star himself. In this way, teams of stars from real football become known again and again. So now also that of Phil Foden.


The English top talent goes similarly as Erling Haaland with a real top team in the FUT mode to the start. In the game against the unknown Reddit user, he went with a 4-1-2-1-2 system. He relied on two central midfielders and two wingers in midfield.


Foden relies on two of his real-life teammates in the process. ManCity goalkeeper Ederson guards his virtual goal. Kyle Walker defends on the defensive wing. Both have Foden al in-form card in his team. With the icons of Carlos Alberto and Paolo Maldini, Foden's defence is also top notch. The Europa League TOTGS card of Theo Hernandez completes his defense.


The ManCity player's midfield is also impressive. The icon card of Ruud Gullit as well as the duo Paul Pogba and Christiano Ronaldo stand for Foden on the virtual turf. Ronaldo, Foden himself and Pele are responsible for goals in Foden's team. Of course, Foden uses his special card mentioned at the beginning. The young Englishman starts in the FUT mode with a real top team.


Would you have a chance against this team?