Credit: EA Sport

Why is Nick Pope the FUT GOAT?

Nick Pope is THE goalkeeper in the Ultimate Team mode of FIFA 21. With a rating of 82 the goalkeeper of Burnley FC is surely one of the better goalkeepers in the FIFA game, but nevertheless there should be better occupations for this position. But the Englishman is by far the most popular ball catcher in FIFA 21. Even gamers who only go with top players and ICON cards on the virtual pitch bet on the keeper.


What makes the Pope card so special?


But what is so special about Nick Pope's card. His card is rock solid. An OVR of 82, as well as a Rare Gold status distinguish his card. Another big plus for the 28 year old goalkeeper is his height. The Englishman is a whole 2 meters tall! This makes him the tallest goalkeeper with a Gold Status in the FIFA game. He is closely followed by Thibaut Courtois. The Real Madrid goalkeeper is 1,99 meters tall! The height is very important for goalkeepers, because the dodges are very efficient in FIFA 21. And against the high balls tall goalkeepers help best.


Pope's attributes are also a strong plus point. Foot defence and cross catcher! Both qualities which are immensely important for a goalkeeper. Especially the interception of crosses is important in FIFA 21. EA has upgraded headers in FIFA 21 enormously. Therefore a goalkeeper who can intercept high balls can't hurt.


Also his reflexes are a big strength of Pope. The basic value of 84 can be increased with Chemistry Styles like Cat or Shield up to the maximum value of 99.

That a goalkeeper can react fast is as important in the FIFA game as in real football! Pope has his strengths exactly at the right place for a goalkeeper. Furthermore FIFA gamers are not known to spend a lot of money for a keeper. Most gamers prefer to put their money into the offense. This leads to the fact that Mbappe, Messi or Ronaldo are much more popular than Neuer, ter Stegen or Courtois.


All this leads to the fact that the goalkeeper of Burnley FC is for many gamers the optimal solution for filling the goalkeeper position.