Credit: Coworkit Solingen

What can you expect at the E-Sport Meetup of coworkit Solingen?

A new eSport expert group is starting! Organized by the Co Working Space in Solingen, real eSport experts come together in a relaxed round to chat about digital sports. Guests are Bernd Unger from Stage5 Gaming and Patrick Baur from and We talked to the speaker of the new eSport Meet Up Phil Derichs from Coworkit Solingen about the new event.

The event starts on 18 March at 6pm.

Participation is free of charge.

Tickets are available hier

Hi Phil, you are the organizer of the eSport Meetup in Solingen - together with Bernd Unger from Stage5Gaming and Patrick Baur from Introduce yourself briefly and help us to understand what connects you with eSports?

My name is Phil, soon to be 33 years old and I come from rainy Wuppertal. What connects me to e-Sports is my early enthusiasm for competing virtually. Starting with mere multiplayer games in 1on1 up to the participation in the leagues of the ESL. Here I dared to take on different challenges. For example strategy games, but also with smaller and bigger teams. At that time - and those were still GIGA TV times - there was not so much to win, let alone really possibilities for individuals to start something like a career. It was teams like MouseSports and Co. that dominated the market.

What motivates you at Coworkit and as Coworking Space Solingen to deal with eSports?

Digital transformation is our constant companion. Be it in our own company, with our coworkers or with the startups we support. But also, the city's orientation in this direction supports our interest in effectively addressing the opportunities of eSports. We want to bring together the innovative people working on the topic and encourage exchange. The coworkit is the ideal place for this, to connect bright minds and foster innovation. In addition, the entire eSports sector offers an incredible number of opportunities for founders, startups and companies to expand their business fields or develop new ones.

Now you start with a live expert round. Why are Bernd and Patrick on board?

Both of them are the initiators and drivers of the topic area at our location and got to know each other through our coworkit network during an event. In a way, our location is the connector between both players - that's not only a great story, but also an added value for the location. However, the Meetup should become a recurring event, with the two of them as moderators/expert team and us as the host of the event. Who knows who else can get connected. So we have a great triumvirate from the innovation location Solingen at the start.

The eSport is very diverse. What topics can the participants of the event look forward to?

Ha ha ha - good question! Basically everything you can imagine, but I have to admit that Patrick and Bernd are the ones who are most in demand to bring in the latest topics from the scene. Of course I will contribute with everything possible in the area of business field and business model development. What innovative power still lies in this topic? And what are the possibilities that potential startups can exploit?

Will your talk focus on a specific eSports title or is it about the general eSports scene?

The Meetup leaves enough room for all topics. I'm assuming that the main focus will be on sports simulations, since real team sports are not available as they used to be. 11v11 on the console, however, is!

Do you focus more on topics around the eSports business or also on the performance of gamers on console?

Both and. The performance of the gamers also determines the attractiveness of the offer. It's comparable to the district league and the Bundesliga. If Phil scores 5 goals against club XY in the Kreisliga C nobody cares, Robert Lewandowski with 5 goals against Cologne however quite many - that is already a question of talent and the attractiveness of the competition. Okay the comparison lags tremendously, but you know what I mean!

Which people should definitely participate in the eSport Meet Up?

Really everyone who is already in touch with the topic, those who find it interesting and those who see more opportunity than anything else in eSports. That's the beauty of the topic: It's inclusive and accessible for everyone. But it is also interesting for all those who are open for the digital transformation.

How can interested parties register for the eSport Meet Up?

Simply secure a ticket via