VBL Open: German FIFA competition started

The new eSport season for clubless FIFA players in Germany has officially started. They can reach for the championship in the VBL Open on the 1st of November. But it will not be an easy way.

The best german FIFA players without a contract with the 1st or 2nd Bundesliga will take place in this event. Every professional associated with these clubs will clash in the VBL Club championship.

All participants face up to 90 encounters in one month. These will be played in the 90s mode and with a Bundesliga club selected in the beginning. Thanks to this system, the teams will have limited differences in body height. So, the competitors can play with their favourite team and try to win as many of the 90 matches possible.

There is no number of wins you must get to go onward like in the Weekend League. Only the best 13 players on each console - PlayStation and Xbox – will endure the VBL Open each month. But the last seasons showed that even as little as three defeats in the total of 90 matches could be too many. That is the amount of stability it takes to be successful in this championship. At least with the duration from November to February, there are four chances to become one of the 13 best.

Just the first obstacle

The whole 104 fortunate players will take part in the VBL playoff. They will fight against 12 players from the VBL Club championship for a ticket to the Grand Final at the end of the season. Hence the players who make it in the Open are still far from being a champion but conquered the first challenge.

The german FIFA professionals playing for known eSport organisations stand out in the VBL Open. Famous players like the champion Mohammed 'MoAuba' Harkous from FOKUS CLAN or Dylan 'DullenMIKE' Neuhausen from NEO have to deal with the same 90 encounters as every other newcomer.