18:00h - Wednesday, 24.02.2021

FC Augsburg vs. 1. FC Nürnberg

FIFA | VBL Club Championship 20/21 ( South-East )

VBL Club Championship 20/21 ( South-East ) match between FC Augsburg and 1. FC Nürnberg on Wednesday, 24.02.2021, in FIFA

The Clubs of the Bundesliga and the 2nd Bundesliga compete against each other

Since 2017 1. FC Nürnberg keep working on eFootball. The FCN Board have beilived in that thisinitiation ist going to brigdge with the digital generation, especillay young people. The current squad consists of the founding member Daniel "Bubu" Butenko and, since September 2020, Antonio "Radelja" Radelja, Nico "NicSonish" Koehler and Yannick "Klastocky" Grum. The team will compete together in the third season of the Virtual Bundesliga. The goal: a place in the playoffs.

FC Augsburg has been an regular Team of the Virtual Bundesliga (VBL) since 2018 and has its own eSports team at the start. The Team has been sponsored by the Lechwerke (LEW), which act as the energy partner of the FCA VBL team, and the merchandising partner "11teamsports".  The current squad consists of Christoph Geuleder, playing for FCA with  „xThePunisher-96“ on PS4, Lukas „LukasR18“ Rathgeb who won FCA member tounament, Philipp Bederke playing with "phlip1989" and Philip's brother Yannic Bederke who won the Champion of the  VBL Grand Final last season.

Where can I stream it?

You can stream this game exclusively on twitch.tv/virtualbundesliga/videos

  • Christoph xThePunisher-96 Geule
  • Lukas LukasR18 Rathgeb
  • Philipp Phlip1989 Bederke
  • Yannic Yannic0109 Bederke
  • Daniel Bubu Butenko
  • Antonio Antonioradelja Radelja
  • Nico NicSonish Köhler
  • Yannick Klastocky Grum