18:00h - Wednesday, 24.02.2021

Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Hertha BSC

FIFA | VBL Club Championship 20/21 ( South-East )

VBL Club Championship 20/21 ( South-East ) match between Eintracht Frankfurt and Hertha BSC on Wednesday, 24.02.2021, in FIFA

The Clubs of the Bundesliga and the 2nd Bundesliga compete against each other

Hertha BSC joined in eSport in 2018. The team has focus on raising young talents. At several scouting events in Berlin, Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, more than 2,100 FIFA gamers competed for the training cource at Hertha BSC to become eSports professionals. The Hertha BSC eSport Academy pursues a holistic concept: in addition to game training, the training program also includes nutritional coaching, mental training, fitness sessions and training in media and social media skills.  

Eintracht Frankfurt has participated in eSports since January 2019. The aim of this team is to raise local talents through a diverse and sustainable range.  the eSports training center at Riederwald  is the heart of the commitment. Here trained eSports trainers take care of the targeted promotion of the players. This includes, among other things, defining fixed training groups and developing game-specific skills such as strategies, tactics and moves, but also managing communication structures and team-building measures. Andi Gube and Maik Kubitzki will lead the Eintracht FIFA team as regular players again. The young talents Aymane Mokallik, Daniel Hummel, Emil Köhler and Maximilian Beck should be given repeated assignments so that they can prove themselves and gain experience under competitive conditions.

Where can I stream it?

You can stream this game exclusively on twitch.tv/virtualbundesliga/videos

  • Andreas ANDY Gube
  • Maik Sn0wGoogles Kubitzki
  • Daniel Hu_Dan Hummel
  • Emil EmilSGE Köhler
  • Maximilian MB13 Beck
  • Christoph chrissi291 Strietzel
  • Eren ErenPyrz030 Poyraz
  • Leroy leroy_1892 Richter
  • Tom biss0_23 Bismark