20:00h - Tuesday, 23.02.2021

VfL Wolfsburg vs. Holstein Kiel

FIFA | VBL Club Championship 20/21 ( North-West)

VBL Club Championship 20/21 ( North-West) match between VfL Wolfsburg and Holstein Kiel on Tuesday, 23.02.2021, in FIFA

The Clubs of the Bundesliga and the 2nd Bundesliga compete against each other

The 2020/21 season in the Virtual Bundesliga will be the third for Holstein Kiel. After a very disappointing last season, the club would like to do better again this year. Last year, the Club from North Germany finished 21st in the final table. In the entire season, they have never been able to achieve a better place than 18th.   Nevertheless, the club is making only minimal changes in the VBL squad. In the new season, Holstein Kiel will start with a new coach and one new player. In the future Ugur 'n1ce65' Dertli will be responsible for the coaching of the squad. New on the console is Benedict 'B3nn1fifa' Ratzlaff. He will be active on the Xbox. Ratzlaff signs from the eSport Talent Network L4K of Teoman Arslan.   Nils 'Samstag_11' Mohr, on the other hand, has been a member of the team since the team was founded. As in the past 3 seasons, he will be active on Xbox and PlayStation in the VBL.   Marvin 'KarpfenL' Schmidt-Thychsen (Xbox) and Cihat 'cihat_ksv' Kormaz (PlayStation) have been active in the jersey of Holstein Kiel already for a while. But both of them have not played in the Virtual Bundesliga for the club so far. This is about to change this season, as they are both part of the VBL squad this season.

VfL Wolfsburg can also look back on many years of experience in eSports. VfL has had its own FIFA team since 2015. With the help of Agency STARK eSports, VfL Wolfsburg has been playing in the VBL since 2018. Under the motto: Always_Hungry the club wants to bring the VBL title to Wolfsburg.   In order to achieve its ambitious goals, the club has added 3 gamers to its squad. With Benedikt "SaLz0r" Saltzer, one of the most famous FIFA Gamer of Germany is in the VBL squad of VfL Wolfsburg. The star has been part of the VfL since 2015 and has won the German and European championships several times. At the FIFA Interactive World Cup, he could play his way into the top 8 of the world.   Benedikt "BeneCR7x" Bauer has been under contract with VfL Wolfsburg since 2018. The gamer, who comes from Bavaria, was able to recommend himself for a place in the squad via VfL Wolfsburg's own eSports Academy. He describes his playing style as calm and variable.   After a one-year break, Timo 'TimoX' Siep is back in the VBL squad of VfL Wolfsburg. Siep thus returns to Wolfsburg after a year with B360 E-Sports. The gamer sees his strengths especially in the unpredictability of his playing style. His tricky game can also be dangerous for the opponents. His greatest success so far was reaching the World Cup semi-finals.

Where can I stream it?

You can stream this game exclusively on https://www.twitch.tv/virtualbundesliga/videos

  • Benedikt BeneCR7x Bauer
  • Benedikt Salz0r Saltzer
  • Timo TIMOX Siep
  • Benedict B3NN1FIFA Ratzlaff
  • Cihat Cihat6161 Korkmaz
  • Marvin Karpfenlive Schmidt-Tychsen
  • Nils Samstag_11 Mohr