20:00h - Tuesday, 23.02.2021

Hamburger SV vs. FC Schalke 04

FIFA | VBL Club Championship 20/21 ( North-West)

VBL Club Championship 20/21 ( North-West) match between Hamburger SV and FC Schalke 04 on Tuesday, 23.02.2021, in FIFA

The Clubs of the Bundesliga and the 2nd Bundesliga compete against each other

FC Schalke 04 is a founding member of the Virtual Bundesliga. Accordingly, the team from Gelsenkirchen is entering its 3rd VBL season. Last year they finished on an 11th rank, which is not very satisfying for his team. In this season they would like to come at least under 6th in the Virtual Bundesliga.   The Schalke 04 eSport Team will consist of 3 gamers. The only 17-year-old Joe 'JH7' Hellmann will join from Bernd Leno's eSport Team Leno eSports. The gamer is a huge supporter of the club. As he has already won several regional tournaments for Leno eSports, he is considered a huge talent. His great strength is, especially the offensive game. Hellmann will be active on the PS4 for S04.   At the same console Julius 'Juli' Kühle will race for the Schalke. Kühle is entering his second season with Schalke 04 in the virtual Bundesliga.   On the Xbox Tim 'Tim Latka' Schwartmann will be active for the club. The Schalke professional has been under contract in Gelsenkirchen since 2016. He sees his team among the top 6 in the league but does not believe in a real title chance for his team.

The HSV is ready for its third season in the Virtual Bundesliga. The goal of the club is to reach the strong 7th place of the last season again.   The squad is led by coach Nicolas Eleftheridis. Among them are two familiar faces in the team. Niklas "HSV NHeisen" Heisen and Leon "HSV Leon" Krasniqi are already well known to HSV fans. Heisen stands out, especially for his strong defensive performance. He is also able to analyse the strengths of his opponents with pinpoint accuracy and keep calm in difficult situations during the game. The long-time HSV fan Leon Krasiniqi has been active for the team since 2019. He was able to recommend himself for a place in the team by winning the vice championship at PS4 in FIFA 19.   Newcomers to the VBL squad are Cina "LostInTheWavesz" Hosseindjani, Steffen "Fifafunino" Pöppe and Daniel "HSV Daniel" Dwelk. While Steffen Pöppe and Daniel Dwelk were able to recommend themselves for a place in the VBL squad through the club's own junior team, Cina Hosseindjani is an external newcomer. The native of Hamburg is listed as ninth-best German in the PlayStation world ranking. Worldwide he is listed on position 65th.

Where can I stream it?

You can stream this game exclusively on https://www.twitch.tv/virtualbundesliga/videos

  • Cina Lostinthewavesz Hosseindjani
  • Daniel Daniel Dwelk Dwelk
  • Leon HSV_Leon Krasniqi
  • Niklas NHeisen Heisen
  • Steffen FIFAFunino Pöppe
  • Joe JH7 (Schalke 04) Hellmann
  • Julius Juli Kühle
  • Tim Tim Latka Schwartmann