TSV 1860 Munich wants to establish itself in the FIFA field

The Turn- und Sportverein von 1860 from Munich Giesing wants to jump on the eSports bandwagon. Under Penta 1860, the Munich team has already established itself in the fantasy game League of Legends (LoL). After the promotion last year, they play in the Prime League (the highest league).

Their next goal is to establish themselves in FIFA. This does not only mean that the Munich team will specifically build up the area of "1 vs 1" or "2 vs 2". But it will also be founded several FIFA Pro Clubs teams.

Penta 1860 - FIFA Pro Clubs

The project of the lions is currently still in its infancy. First of all, FIFA is supposed to establish itself in the popular sport. Due to the proximity to conventional sports, the FIFA Pro Clubs mode is ideally suited for this.
The only priority for the mode is that you should have an idea of football and the respective positions.

When selecting the teams' players, the lions rely on a healthy mixture of young and old. The goal is to form two to three groups as far as possible.
One team already exists and is currently playing in two leagues. You can also follow the whole thing on Twitch.
The current number of players in FIFA at the 60s is 30 to 40 players.


If the whole thing has aroused your interest, you can contact the Penta 1860