Credit: EA Sports

TOTY is about to come!

Soon it's time! The team of the year of FIFA 21 will be announced! As we already reported, EA Sports invited the community to vote for the best eleven of the past year. There were more than 70 players to vote for. Although some stars, like Bayern Munich's Thomas Müller are not part of this squad, some topstars could be voted into the team. Now the selection process is finished and EA evaluates the results. On January 22, EA Sports will then announce the result. A timer on the Instagram page of EA Sports will expire on January 22 at 1 o'clock. So it's possible that the TOTY will be released at 1 am.



After that, the coveted TOTY player items will also be added to the FUT mode. The TOTY items have some of the highest values in the entire FUT season. According to EA, this is to celebrate the outstanding achievements of the players who have made it into the team.


From what time the cards are available in the packs, can only be speculated at this point. This also applies to the exact schedule of the TOTY event. In the past, players entered the game one after the other, depending on their position. At a later point in time, they were all added to the FUT mode together. How it will work this year? Still open! But you can be sure that will keep you up to date!