Credit: FC Schalke 04

Tim Latka no longer invests real money in FIFA Points

As FC Schalke 04 announced today, the FIFA professional does not want to spend real money for FIFA Points in FIFA 21. This makes him one of the first stars of the scene to take this step.


Usually, the top players invest a fortune in so-called packs. Especially shortly after the release of the game, investments are high. Gamers pursue the goal to buy a good FIFA Ultimate Team as fast as possible. As more money gamers invest, as faster their Team gets better. So who invests more money in packs has a much better chance of playing with the game stars.

Tim Latka doen't support the P2W anymore

As this team is also the one that is used in many tournaments, many gamers speak of a transparent pay to win system. The Schlake 04 professional believes that such investments should not define eSports.


Instead of spending the money on packs, the gamer would instead donate the money. The professional will donate 2.000 EUR to the Robert Enke Foundation, even though he is aware that he is at a significant disadvantage. Nevertheless, he wants to show everyone that it is possible to reach the top without a considerable investment.