Credit: EA Sports

This is David Beckham in FUT

On 4 December, the waiting time was over. One of the greatest football stars of all times was back in the FIFA Game. David Beckham. But how does the long-awaited icon card of Beck's in FIFA Ulitmate Team 21 turn out? Icon cards are especially sought after because they fit into every team. This popularity increases the price of the card on the transfer market. David Beckham is expected to charge an exceptionally high fee, as players from the Premier League are very popular.


The weakest version of the English superstar is strongest in the central midfield. The card has an OVR of 87 and is expected to be extra enjoyable because of its balanced values. The slightly stronger values in the offensive make the card even more enjoyable. Here it even leaves the middle card of Steven Gerrard behind.


Besides the weak card of the former Manchester United Stars, the middle one is also already published. With outstanding shot and pass scores, the ICON card is strongest in the right centre field. An overall score of 89 makes the Becks card additionally very attractive.


FUT fans will have to wait a little longer for the highlight of the English superstars’ cards. EA has not yet released the Prime Icon cards. Experts expect that the strongest cards of the legends will be released shortly before Christmas. Here David Beckham can show a total strength of 92. His strongest position is like the middle card in the right middle field. The pass strength of 95 and 88 points in dribbling are the strengths of Beckhams strongest card.