Credit: EA Sports

These 5 Stars you can get for less than 25.000 Coins

You want to improve your FUT Team in FIFA 21, but you don't have so many coins left? No problem! We show you 5 top players to get for less than 25.000 Coins in your team.

Jamie Vardy

For almost 25,000 Coins, you can currently get Jamie Vardy on your team. The striker of Leicester City convinces with his high speed and a good goal finish. Vardy has a total ranking of 86. The card will be especially interesting for you if you play with a Premier League team!

Alejandro Gomez

A very good ZOM from the Italian Serie A is Alejandro Gomez. The Argentine is under contract with Atlanta Bergamo. Gomez comes, like Vardy on an OVR of 86. The 90 points in the area of speed make him always dangerous for the opposing defence. He also impresses with strong passing (84 points) and excellent dribbling (88 points). With four stars on the weaker left foot, Alejandro Gomez is a real insider tip in FIFA 21. Currently, you have to pay about 23.000 Coins for him.

Jordi Alba

A perennial favourite in the FIFA game is Jordi Alba. The FC Barcelona left-back has a strong OVR of 86. For 23,000 coins, he will liven up your backline. With vital stats in passing (81), dribbling (83) and pace (88), Alba can not only shut down your left side of the defence but also get actively involved in the offensive play of your FUT team.

Kai Havertz

During his time at Bayer 04 Leverkusen, Kai Havertz was able to play his way into the sights of the big clubs in Europe. Last summer, the German international opted for a move to Chelsea FC. HisBundesliga experience and the Premier League makes him an ideal link for a team of players from these leagues. For 13.000 Coins you can currently sign Kai Havertz. For that you get a fast player who will liven up your offense with strong dribbling and shooting skills.

Riyad Mahrez

Another Premier League player who can be had for under 25K is Riyad Mahrez. The Manchester City striker impresses with 90 points in dribbling and five skill points. In the offensive, Mahrez generally shows excellent values. Only in the defence, the card has weaknesses. Thirty-eight points in the defensive behaviour qualify him little for tasks in the defence. Still, the card of Riyad Mahrez is good, mainly because of the price. For 15,000 coins, the ManCity star is currently on the market.