The we-feeling is just something very special.

After yesterday's interview with the responsible of SC Edermünde we are proud to present you the next Contender of the FIFA Pro Clubs EU Masters.
Sebastian Schlack, striker and team manager of the Greifswald FC eSports department, was ready to answer our questions.




Hello Sebastian.
You are the striker and team leader at Greifswalder FC eSports. Can you briefly introduce your team?




We have been playing for the Oberliga team Greifswalder FC from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern for exactly one year. In the first season we became champions in the VPL and vice-champions in the PL and played Champions League. Currently have two teams in the league.

In which leagues are you represented?



We play in VPL 1b, PL League 2 and NGL Primeship (both teams).


How satisfied are you with the current season?



We are not really satisfied, of course we expected after our upheaval that it will not be a sure-fire success, but we continue to fight to achieve our goals.

Where are the strengths of your team?



Cohesion, respect and we fight until the referee ends the game and always want to develop further.

In many countries the Pro Clubs mode is still strongly underrepresented. You come from Germany. How do you see the situation around the Pro Clubs mode in your country?



Unfortunately it doesn't have the reputation yet, but it's nice to see that also official teams slowly find their way into the Pro Club mode.

A lot of FIFA players bet on the FUT mode. The Pro Clubs mode is not so well known yet. How did you find out about the Pro Clubs mode?



Just playing together with friends against other teams just lit the fire.

What fascinates you about this mode?



To develop together as a team and simply this 11 against 11 is something very special. The we-feeling is just something very special.

Do you have any ideas how the Pro Clubs mode can get more recognition?



Through big tournaments like this one. Through attractive teams that liven up the mode and through simply more respect.

Now, for the first time, the Pro Clubs mode gets the chance to present itself on the stage of the biggest sports fair in the world. You have decided to take part in the tournament. Why are you taking part in the FIFA Pro Clubs EU Masters 2021?



Simply to present and prove yourself on a big stage. And to use the chance to present the Pro Club mode.

Finally, can you tell us your goal for the tournament?



First of all, we are proud to be here. We just want to have fun and enjoy ourselves as much as possible and enjoy every second.

We thank you for the interview and wish you good luck on Saturday in the tournament.