Credit: FIFA

The search for the FIFA World Cup Champion begins!

The search for the new FIFA World Cup Champion will begin on 17 December. The FIFAe World Cup will enter its first qualifying round. The team competition will be divided into regional zones in the first round. The qualifying round aims to reach the playoffs in January.


The qualification round is already the second of four phases of the tournament. In the pre-qualification, non-verified teams could play for a place in the qualification at the beginning of December. Now comes the qualifying round of FIFA 21's official Club World Cup, and due to the ongoing Corona pandemic, the tournament must be played online. Thereby it will be divided into different zones. Europe will start as zone 4. The zones are further divided into Conferences and Divisions. Zone Europe consists of 14 Conferences. These will be divided into three divisions. In each division, eight teams will play.


The qualification tournament consists of 4 rounds. The teams have to work their way up to the top of the conference. Promotion and relegation between the divisions are possible. For the qualifying round, the double-elimination mode is chosen. A winner and a loser bracket will be used. The two teams in division 1 after the 4th round of the qualification tournament will qualify for the play-offs. Another chance to be eligible for the play-offs is the Consistency Ranking created after each round. The top two teams from this ranking also qualify for the next round.


The play-offs participants will battle it out at the end of February for a place in the grand final event. This is where the FIFA World Cup Champion will ultimately be determined. A total of 480 teams will be competing for the trophy. Some gamers from German clubs or organisations are also dreaming of the big one. Borussia Mönchengladbach, for example, will be competing in Division 1 of Conference 9. The players from Borussia reached the quarter-finals last year, and they should at least be able to do so again now. VfL Bochum, RB Leipzig and SV Werder Bremen can also look forward to a place in the first conference. TSG 1899 Hoffenheim is a newcomer. Like Borussia Mönchengladbach, the TSG players are represented in Conference 9 but have to start one division further down. FC St. Pauli will start the tournament in Division 3.


Well-known eSport organisations are also taking part in the tournament. SK Gaming will start in Conference 8 in Division 1. The German national goalkeeper Bernd Leno, Leno eSport, can also look forward to Division 1.


The first round of the qualification will be played on December 17th and 18th. It continues with round two on January 7/8 and round 3 on January 14/15. The qualification phase will finally be completed on 21/22 January. The teams that have qualified for the play-offs will compete again on 28 January. Then, from February 24 -28, 2021, Complexity Gaming's successor will be sought in the grand final event. The eSport organisation from the USA could surprisingly be crowned world champion in FIFA 20. The participants of the final event will not only win the title but also 300,000 US dollars in prize money.


It can be expected with excitement how the teams will do and whether in the end again, a blatant underdog will prevail.