The RLCS X Winter Split comes with a brand-new format and loads of prize money

The Rocket League Championship Series is getting ready for winter. Just a few days have passed since the RLCS Season X Fall Majors. On the European side team, BDS lived up to their favourite role and defeated Renault Vitality in the finale 4:2. Besides BDM also Spacestation Gaming (NA), Mindfreak (OCE) and True Neutral (SAM) achieve a new trophy in their possession.


Double-Elimination instead of Swiss-Format

The upcoming winter split will bring the Rocket League community a very entertaining tournament at the end of the year. It will be even more thrilling with the new format Psyonix decided for this competition.


This winter split will be played in the double-elimination mode. This will replace the formerly used swiss-format. In a nutshell, this means the teams need to avoid losing twice to get a special place in the majors.

Less teams but same prize money

Instead of the usual 32 participating teams, the RLCS X winter split will include 24 units. The prize money stays the same. So North America and Europe will each play for 100.000 USD in total.