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The changes of the 90s Modus in FIFA 21

For years especially, professional FIFA Gamers were used to the 85s Modus. In FIFA 21, it is all going to change. The 85 ratings of the players are changing to a 90s rating. Also, the stars of the players are new. As the German VBL Club Championships, exceptionally professional FIFA Tournaments should take advantage of this new modus.

In the 90s Modus, all Players have the same ratings.

The advantages of the 90s Modus are obvious as all players are rated the same. There are the same opportunities for all FIFA players, no matter what team they play. So, in the 90s, Modus doesn’t distinguish whether you play the SV Sandhausen or FC Bayern Munich Team. The only difference between the teams in the hights of the players. For this reason, the 90s Modus is perfect for professional FIFA Tournaments, such as the VBL Club Championship. All gamers are supposed to play their team. With this modus, all gamers have the same chances no matter if their team is a Champions League Side or a 2nd Bundesliga Side in real life. All those facts were also present in the old 85s Modus. But still, there were some troubles within the old Modus.

Especially the Dribbling of the players in the offence was criticised. Gamers said that this was why many professional games in FIFA 20 ended up in kind of boring matches without any scoring chances. With the new 90s, Modus Gamers and Fans hope to see more exciting games.

All players are the same

The first significant change in the new Modus is the stronger overall rating of the players. From before 85 points, the new rating is raising to 90. As a consequence of the rising of the overall rating, the players' attributes are stronger now. In the 90s Modus, the attributes' detailed ratings are not based on the player's levels in real life. The ratings are based on the position of the player. Gamers can no longer see the different players in their attributes, such as pace or dribbling. So, in the 90s Modus, the PSG star striker Kylian Mbappe runs as fast as the top striker of the German 2nd Bundesliga Simon Terodde.

The second change is the stars ratings of the players' special skills and the weak foot of the player. In FIFA 20, special skills were still based on the players' skills in real life. Now all offensive players are rated on five special skills stars. All-Defensive Midfield players and Left and Right Back defenders are placed on four stars. Central Back Defenders got a rating of 3 stars, and Goalkeepers have two stars. All players in FIFA 21s 90s Modus got a 4-star rating of their weaker foot, no matter the position.

Better opportunities for FUT-Players.

The new Modus, especially FIFA Ultimat Team players, which are used to play with higher rated players, can get better opportunities. The 90s Modus gets the two different FIFA types Gaming closer together, which gives experienced FUT Player a better chance in the 90s Modus.