Tavernier: New strong right back for your team

As of this Thursday, a new Headliner Squad Building Challenge is available. It is about James Tavernier, the captain of the Glasgow Rangers. Due to his extremely strong values, like his physique and his team, he is definitely worth his not exactly cheap price.

After two Inform special cards before, James Tavernier has now also received a FIFA 21 Headliners promo card. This one is considered to be one of the best right backs in Ultimate Team due to his extremely strong stats in all areas.


The score of 86 does not have to be his last by any means. Since it is a Headliner card, it can continue to rise in the coming time. A headliner can adjust his value according to the new item card through performance-based upgrades, including Inform cards. According to the online site, Futbin, the Squad Building Challenge on Playstation 4 costs between 170,000 and 190,000 Fut coins. You have until next week Thursday the 21.01.2021 to do the SBC.

Solution of the SBC


Players from England: At least 1

In-form players: At least 1

Total Team Strength: At least 83

Team Chemistry: At least 75

Players in the team: 11

Cost: 45,000 coins (PS4)

Reward: 1 Premium Electrum Players Pack

(Source: Futbin)

Top Form

In-form players: At least 1

Total Team Strength: At least 85

Team chemistry: At least 65

Players on the team: 11

Cost: 142,000 coins (PS4)

Reward: 1 Rare Electrum Players Pack

(Source: Futbin)