Credit: EA Sports

Suddenly all coins gone! How can this happen?

It must have been a real shock for Reddit user "pf94": when he went to check his balance after selling the Prime Icon version of Ruud Gullit, instead of the expected 20 million coins, there were suddenly 0 coins in his account.


EA is always criticised because of the Ultimate Team mode. From time to time-critical voices come up, which describe the popular online mode as pure gambling and rip-off. EA is only after the fast money of the users is a frequently mentioned aspect. But is EA already after the virtual capital of its fans?


If you believe "pf94", then yes!


The gamer says that EA stole his coin-fortune worth 20 million Coins of in-game currency. The PC gamer states on Reddit that after selling his Prime Icon version of Ruud Gullit for 13.8 million coins, he would have had a virtual fortune of around 20 million coins in Ultimate Team mode.


A worthy fortune with which you could finance the complete Future Stars Team in FIFA 21. But instead of that vast amount, pf94 didn't find a single coin on his FIFA Ultimate Team account after selling the valuable Prime-Icon version of Ruud Gullit.



How can this happen?


EA claims he bought the coins with real money from a third party. This is forbidden in FIFA 21. So EA wants to prevent that strangers from profit from the goldmine FUT. Who nevertheless tries to buy from Coins in Ultimate Team will be excluded from the game after the second reminder. In the case of the Reddit user, all coins have been confiscated by EA.


EA was slow to respond to "pf94's" complaint. On his inquiry at the support, the Reddit user was told that it would take several weeks to send an answer. So long the FIFA account of the gamer will be locked! It is annoying for the Reddit community because EA acted out of pure suspicion without presenting any evidence!