Successful start for Sergio Agueros esport team - gamers from Ronaldinhos team are also successful!

Two stars of world football can rejoice. The gamers from their eSport teams are incredibly successful. To be exact, we are talking about the teams of the world stars Sergio Aguero and Ronaldinho. While Aguero's team KRÜ Esports is celebrating its first successes on the PlayStation, Ronaldinho's team R10 is shining on the Xbox.


Setting up an eSports team has become a trend among football stars. Manchester City star Sergio Aguero, for example, launched his own FIFA team in October. By signing Yago Fawaz, one of the most successful FIFA professionals from his home country Argentina, the star striker promptly made a name for himself in the scene. During the FUT regional Qualifiers, however, the attention should be on another gamer from KRÜ Esports. Matias Bonanno. The young gamer reached the final round, which took place on 5 and 6 December, without any defeat. The 18-year-old FIFA professional from Aguero's team also remained undefeated in the final. Bonanno narrowly won 6-5 against Nathan Ribeiro. In the final, the talent was about to face the big favourite of the tournament. Paulo Neto. But even the tournament favourite could not defeat Bonanno. A 3-2 win secured the tournament victory for the talent.

Ronaldinho's team convinces on Xbox

In the Xbox tournament of the Qualifiers, the gamers of Ronaldinho's Team R10 could convince. Paulo 'PHZIN' Henrique secured the title for the team of the former Barca star. He also won the tournament undefeated. PHZIN nevertheless took a curious route. He played his games exclusively against other players from R10. Rampazzo, from R10, was waiting in the final of the Upper Bracket. In the Grand Final, it was Gabrielpn. Despite starting difficulties in both games, PHZIN was able to win both of them. Rampazzo had to admit defeat with 6-2. Gabrielpn conceded even more goals. In the end, PHZIN won the Grand Final 8-4.


The winners of the two qualifiers can look forward to prize money of 10,000 US dollars each. Besides, both could collect a lot of ranking points. Sergio Aguero's Bonanno collected 800 points Ronaldinho's gamer Paulo Henrique can be happy about 480 points.