Still no stable EA Sports Server

Even after some months, the servers of EA Sports still cause trouble. During the weekend, numerous Twitter users reported problems:

The website allestö also showed numerous server faults. Which once again caused trouble for the FIFA community.

You can check the current server status on the EA Sports website:

First aid:
If all servers are shown as online, it is probably not EA Sports.

If servers are shown as offline, it could be due to maintenance or a problem with EA Sports.

EA Server not available or down - you can do that

Check the website of EA Sports to see if it's EA's fault.

Often it is enough to restart your router. Afterwards, check if the connection to the EA Server is now possible. To do this, disconnect your router from the power for a few seconds.

Firewall and anti-virus programs can also cause connection problems. Therefore create exceptions in the protection programs for the games that need to access the EA Server.