Credit: EA Sports

Sign new players for your FUT team through the Mega Match-Up Objectives!

FUT fans watch out! Since Monday EA Sports is giving out free packs, which are pretty easy to get. You don't want to miss the chance? Then complete the Mega Match-Up Objectives!


The Mega Match-Ups consists of four challenges. If you complete them by January 25th, you'll be eligible for 5 free packs. The special thing about this is that you don't have to invest any coins or complete any SBCs.


The first challenge is to complete the Division Rivals and/or Squad Battle. You must complete the Squad Battle on at least Pro difficulty. If you complete five Rivals matches, you will receive a pack of two rare gold players. You will also receive this for seven victories in Rivals or Squad Battles.


One rare player with an OVR of 75 or higher will be awarded for every 12 assists in Squad Battles or Rivals. You must also score seven goals with a midfielder in both modes.


If you successfully complete all challenges, you will receive a big reward: a Rare Mega Pack, where you will find at least 30 gold items.


All cards that you earn in the Mega Match-Up Objectives are not tradeable. You can only use them for SBC or your own team. The Objectives Event is especially worthwhile if you are often active in Division Rivals and Squad Battles. This way you can easily get free reinforcements for your FUT team.