Sergio Aguero launches his own eSports Team

German national keeper Bernd Leno, the welsh superstar Gareth Bale or the former world-class player Ronaldinho. All of those stars have something in common, besides there love for the football game on the real pitch. They are all passionate eSport fans. That is why all of them decided to start there own eSport team. Now with Sergio Aguero, another famous football player, presents an eSports Team. With his squad KRÜ eSports, the Manchester City star wants to get a foot into the virtual sports industry door. 

Aguero's Team already presented the first player

With his start into the virtual sports world, the Argentinas striker follows a football industry trend. Aguero´s team plans to operate from Barcelona and Argentina on an international level. The superstar himself is going to work as the CEO of the team. In what kind of games KRÜ eSports is going to be active is not published yet. In the team's presentation, many different eSport Titels, such as Fortnite or Rocket League, were present. 

Still, it is not surprising that it is already sure that Agueros Team will be present in virtual Football. On October 21, the Team already presented its first gamer. The former West Ham United professional gamer Yago "Yago" Fawaz will be part of the Argentineans superstars team. The 20-year-old gamer is currently ranked as the 9th best FIFA gamer worldwide.  

Aguero would like to help young gamers

With his new eSports Team, the world-class striker wants to hit two different goals. First, he would like to give young talents the chance to learn from his broad experience. During his career in real-life football, Aguero gained lots of experience in the sports industry. Now he would like to pass this on to the next generation. Further on, the Argentinian would like to help talented gamers to find a way in professional eSports. So, they can live their dream of becoming professional gamer.

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