Credit: Schalke 04

Schalke 04 also puts Esports commitment to the test

Things are not going well at all for FC Schalke 04. Not only that, the team of the royal blues is in the last place in the Bundesliga - and thus threatens to go into the second league. Also, financially it looks with the association, not at all well. More than 200 million EUR is the debt mountain of the club from Gelsenkirchen.


As if that were not already enough problems, it came on Sunday to several dismissals in the sporty guidance. Five leading employees had to leave the club. Among them also the still reasonably new coach Christian Gross.


But was that not enough in separations yet? Does S04 soon have to part with a whole department of the club? Currently, various media reports are circulating, according to which Schalke 04 is thinking about selling its eSports department for 20 million euros to strengthen the football business financially. According to these reports, the massive financial damage that relegation would cause could have an enormous impact on the activities of FC Schalke 04's 100% subsidiary, FC Schalke 04 Esports GmbH.


Since 2016, the club has held various eSports titles under this name. Currently, S04 is active in FIFA, eFootball PES and League of Legends, the world's leading e-sports title from Riot Games. The League of Legends license, in particular, cost the club dearly. For a starting place in the European professional league LEC, the club put EUR 8 million on the table.


But the investment could have been worth it. According to experts, the LEC starting place is now worth the royal blue paid for it in 2016. Money that the club can currently use well to secure the financial existence on the real lawn. Due to the miserable sporting situation and the Corona crisis's effects, the club has fallen into a financial emergency. At Schalke is probably any source of money gladly seen, which helps the football department!