SC Edermünde: The important thing is that the mode gets a lot of attention.

The eSports develops further and further. This can be seen not only in the professional clubs, but now also in amateur clubs.
We spoke with the team manager, Andreas Ziegler, from the eSports department of such an "amateur club" the SC Edermünde e.V.. In addition to the popular sports of football, hiking and volleyball, eSports have also been established here since 2018. We are pleased that the sympathetic club from near Kassel will also participate in the FIFA Pro Clubs EU Masters on Saturday.


Hello Andi. You are the team manager at SC Edermünde NextGen. Can you briefly introduce your team?



SC Edermünde is a registered sports club with many different divisions such as football, volleyball, fitness and gymnastics and also eSports.

In the eSports area there are two Pro Club teams and a Formula 1 team. We, the SC Edermünde NextGen, are the younger of the two teams and attach importance to fun, harmony and a fair cooperation. The NextGen brand is designed to offer a more diverse range of games and, in addition to the F1 team, would also like to further integrate eSports in the future.


In which leagues are you represented?




We are currently represented in the Bandenkick eSports League and the ProLeague.


How satisfied are you with the current season?



We are currently in 3rd place in both leagues and are happy with the general development of the team and the way we are playing.

What are the strengths of your team?


Our greatest strength lies in the team's cohesion. With us, no one is too shy to step into the breach for the other or to sit on the bench from time to time. This has allowed us to develop a good compactness in the game.

In many countries the Pro Clubs mode is still underrepresented. You come from Germany. How do you see the situation around the Pro Clubs mode in your country?


In Germany we have a big and growing Pro Clubs community. The biggest problem is that everything is very fragmented and everyone tries to cook their own soup. We have a lot of leagues and tournaments and no one big place to go for everyone. It would be great to have a one stop shop for all concerns, be it leagues, tournaments or a transfer market.

A lot of FIFA players rely on the FUT mode. The Pro Clubs mode is not so well known yet. How did you find out about the Pro Clubs mode?



That's very simple! The Pro Clubs mode is the only one that has something to do with real football. It's about mastering your positional play, anticipating, having game intelligence and above all trusting each other and acting as a team.

What fascinates you about this mode?


The aforementioned.

Do you have any ideas how the Pro Clubs mode can get more recognition?



You would have to get EA interested in it. For years it feels like EA is just dragging the mode through. How do you get EA interested in it? Of course about the money and if you look at how 2k solves this in their NBA series, then you would have a great approach, how EA could implement the mode. Additional revenue could be generated through the individualization of the own pro and the players would have many more opportunities to train and design their pro.

Now for the first time the Pro Clubs mode gets the chance to present itself on the stage of the biggestsports fair in the world. You, the SC Edermünde NextGen have decided to take part in the tournament. Why are you taking part in the FIFA Pro Clubs EU Masters 2021?




Exactly for this reason! To generate as much coverage as possible for the tournament and therefore also for the mode.

Finally, can you tell us your goal for the tournament?



We're going to have fun, as always, and what we get out of it in the end is secondary. The important thing is that the mode gets a lot of attention.