Credit: S5 Elite Bomber

S5 Elite Bombers end negative streak dramatically

For five games, the S5 Elite Bombers have been waiting for a win. In February, the gamers could only collect one point, now the 26 matchday of the Pro League was at hand. Against "Die Physiker", the S5 Elite Bombers wanted to get 3 points again finally.


In an entertaining match, the S5 Elite Bombers could win against "Die Physiker". Already in the 19 minutes, EB_AGGROHULK was successful for the S5 Elite Bombers. But also "Die Physiker"  were successful in half time one in front of the goal and so it went with a 1 -1 into the break.


And for a long time, it looked like both teams would score a goal each in the second half as well, and the game would end 2 -2. But when everyone was expecting a draw, Mini-Mismus of the S5 Elite Bombers scored the virtual leather in the last second for 3 -2.


So the S5 Elite Bombers can be happy about the first victory in February and end a long drought.